Our Products

We currently sell the following brands of Wool:
Ranges available: Gentiana, Regina, Inca, New Zealand, Mistero, Woli, Woca, Lama
James Brett
ranges available: craft cotton,  Legacy, Stonewash DK, Twinkle DK, Party Time Chunky, Flutterby Chunky, Marble Baby DK, Marble Chunky,  Aztec, Northern Lights, Fairground, Harmony DK and chunky, Diamond, Bubblelicious, Amazon Chunky
ranges available: Aran Wool
ranges available: Baby so soft, Galaxy, Merino Dk,
ranges available: Hayfied Blossom DK and Chunky, Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK, Snyggly 4ply-DK, Snuggly spots, Snuggly Crofter 4ply-DK, Supersoft Aran Rainbow drops, Snowflake DK- Chunky, Evie Sublime Aran, Aran Tweed 400g, Crofters DK, Harris Tweed, Imagination Chunky, Chunky with Wool, N1 DK, Sublime Merino DK, Cotton DK, Heart&Soul 4ply
ranges available: Special 4 ply-Dk-Special Aran-Special Chunky, Wondersoft 3ply-4ply-DK, Bambino, Swift knit Mega, Superchunky, Batik Dk, Batik Swirl Cakes, Jeanie, MerryGoround, Cosy, Cotton 4ply, Head over Heels 4ply
ranges available: Air